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"Take it from a multi World Champion - every parent should buy the Winners Bible, study it carefully and then give it to their children if they want them to be successful and happy. It may well be the best thing they ever do for their kids."

Ivan Mauger - OBE, MBE, fifteen-time motorcycle racing World Champion

"The Winner's Bible fills the void between the theoretical and the applied. It empowers and equips its readers not only with the secrets to success, but the processes as well. The information is powerful, it's accessible and, if you commit to the concepts Dr. Spackman espouses, you will become a winner."

Hugh McCutcheon - MS, MBA, 2008 United States Olympic Committee - Coach of the Year Head Coach, USA Women's Volleyball Team, Former Head Coach USA Men's Volleyball Team, 2008 Olympic Champions, 2008 World League Champions

"In the Winner's Bible, Dr Kerry Spackman walks us through the neuroscience of both in a clear and accessible way that is well illustrated both visually and by many examples, and through his own very personal experiences. The book is inspirational, fascinating and informative, and I believe will create far more winners in the broadest sense of the term in these times of opportunity, and uncertainty."

Sir John Whitmore - author of the international bestseller Coaching for Performance

"Well done on writing the best ever book on how to become a winner! The whole time you kept me spellbound with all the interesting stories and fascinating explanations. I couldn''t put the book down. I came back to it time and again as I worked on improving myself. Unlike other books, you don't just tell us what winners should do - you first show us what goes on inside our brain and then how we can supercharge it to become who and what we want to be."

Ian Ferguson - winner of four Olympic gold medals