Finally, in response to the many emails asking for a Winner’s Bible course here in NZ, we’re going to run an “in-depth 1-day Winner’s Bible course” in March in Auckland.

An experience previously reserved for Olympic Champions, All Blacks and Formula 1 drivers. You’ll learn how to “Lift the hood” on your own brain and find out what makes YOU tick. Be prepared for some unexpected surprises! 

A 1-day course that will give you the unique opportunity to work directly with Dr Kerry Spackman. 

It’ll be a fascinating and enjoyable journey as you discover how to overcome stubborn weaknesses and optimise your own natural strengths for long term performance and satisfaction. This will be a practical workshop where you’ll tailor tools specifically for your own unique personality and then put them into practice.

You have the opportunity to submit any topics or questions you’d like Dr Spackman to help you with.

Whether you’re a Student, an Elite Athlete, Unemployed or a Corporate Jetsetter – this will be a life-changing day. A brilliant investment in your future.

Date: MARCH 22nd 2014  

Time: 10am

LocationAUT City Campus

Thank you to everyone who attended the course and for making it a very special day!